HoloLens comes to NYC

By Saif Tase Recently, I had the opportunity to try out HoloLens, Microsoft’s mixed-reality eyewear now in development, which promises to change the way we work and play. My experience began at the Microsoft Store on Fifth Avenue, where the distance between my pupils was measured* and I learned the different gestures I could use to interact with the device. The HoloLens was surprisingly comfortable. While it could stand to shed some weight (a common problem among […]

New 16-Lens Pocket-Sized Camera Aims To Kick Bulky DSLRs To The Curb

When shooting photos on the go, 16 lenses are far better than one. That’s the premise behind the L16, a new fits-in-your-pocket multi-aperture camera that its maker—a well-funded Silicon Valley startup called Light—thinks is going to blow away DSLRs with expensive lenses…not to mention smartphones.   The new L16 camera, from Light.     Light unveiled the L16 today, offering it for pre-order at $1,299 but saying it plans on charging $1,699 when the camera ships in […]

How Video Games Have Become The Perfect Storytelling Medium

By Robin Burks, Tech Times Throughout the history of video games, some developers have used games as a way to tell a story. Now even AAA titles, such as ‘Until Dawn,’ embrace games as storytelling devices. (Photo : Supermassive Games) If you grabbed a copy of Until Dawn for your PlayStation 4 last week, you’ve already delved into the game, as well as the game’s involved story. Although other games have embraced video games as storytelling devices, […]

Pizza Hut “Blockbuster Box”

Ogilvy & Mather HK – Blockbuster Pizza Box     Now this is cool. A Video Projector Pizza Box! With a slightly new shape and size, the box transforms from holding your delicious pizza, by removing the middle rester (the thing that stops the pizza hitting the top of the box) which now holds a makeshift projector lense, that plugs into the front of the box, meanwhile you consume all the pizza, and insert your phone (and […]

1001VelaCup 2012

The 1001Vela Cup is a sailing trophy dedicated to Innovation and Sustainability in the nautical design. The competition has been planned by architects Paolo Procesi and Massimo Paperini since 2005 and involves several Italian universities, like RomaTre and Palermo. Indeed, Palermo hosted the 2012 edition, which created a new brand of projects. After sailing boats made with 100% of eco-compatible materials, a new class of power boats with solar engines has been introduced this year. A great challenge for students, allowing them to […]