“Cafés Parisiens” – New Documentary production

“Parisian Cafés”: Windows to the Soul of the City by Azadeh Nafissi Synopsis French culture and especially French intellectual culture has always been linked to cafés. From the political groups meetings during the French Revolution to the high culture of the 19th century or from the cultural revival in the 20s and 30s to the French Resistance in WWII, cafés have always been the hub of French society as a place to meet, drink, discuss and relax. […]

Destination: Moon

ESA explores in a short video the past, the present and the future of the Moon discovering missions. Why is the Moon important for science? What resources does the Moon have? Is there water? Why should we go back and how will we do it?

Quadra Film Coalition presents “Malitalia” at the MIPTV in Cannes

We are proud to announce that benaCOM and Quadra Film Coalition have signed an agreement to present the documentary “Malitalia”, produced and directed by Laura Aprati, at the 2013 MIPTV in Cannes. According the deal, Quadra Film Coalition has the standard TV rights for the international distribution of the documentary for terrestrial, cable and satellite transmission, whether for Pay or Free channels. We wish this deal can be a starting point of a new productive collaboration with […]

Wim Wenders devotes 3D Documentary to Peter Zumthor

From ArchDaily.com It’s official! The internationally renowned director Wim Wenders will devote his new 3D documentary film to the Swiss master architect, Peter Zumthor. Although Wenders has already started filming, the documentary will take several years to complete. Reports state that Wenders will aim to capture the how a building is created, possibly following Zumthor from start to finish on one of his projects. Wim Wenders stated: ”Most architects build this stuff and they already have 3D representation. They […]