Pizza Hut “Blockbuster Box”

Ogilvy & Mather HK – Blockbuster Pizza Box     Now this is cool. A Video Projector Pizza Box! With a slightly new shape and size, the box transforms from holding your delicious pizza, by removing the middle rester (the thing that stops the pizza hitting the top of the box) which now holds a makeshift projector lense, that plugs into the front of the box, meanwhile you consume all the pizza, and insert your phone (and […]

“Cibo & Salute 2012”

“Cibo & Salute 2012” (“Food & Wellness”) is an event held at the end of May by the Province of Rome and the Gust’Arte association to promote the culture of healthy and sustainable diet. Several meetings with nutritionists, journalists, writers and communication professionals gave the audience a lot of interesting information for a better understanding of a complex and very broad branch. This two-days successful meeting in the gorgeous area of the Appia Antica’s regional park and the opportunity to taste […]